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Originally Posted by Lautrec View Post
Allright. I'm using a 2HB with a pretty neutral/traditional grip, great for hitting flat hard backhands. I use a minimum amount of spin on my backhand and have great accuracy and confidence with it. My best hitting side, but not as fun as the low forehands. I have an excellent slice for my level on both sides as well.

On my forehand I'm pretty sure I use a semi-western grip, with the racquet face facing straight down if I hold it out from my body. I usually hit my low forehands with a whipping motion with lots of topspin.

I have the biggest trouble hitting the chest-high FH from the baseline as a normal rally shot. I just can't seem to find a good racquet trajectory for generating a little topspin but not too much. As you mentioned it's less noticeable against better players who hit lower.

Hope I've provided some additional information now. I'll think about using the FH slice more too!
That description does not sound like 3.0 level play, imo.

I wouldn't worry about "too much topspin" if you're hitting high balls from the baseline, unless you're dunking the ball into the net or dropping it super short. Assuming you're hitting a TS rally ball, the solution to both problems is either (a) hit the ball harder, or (b) aim for deeper in the court.
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