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Originally Posted by SunshineJS View Post

If he lied on the self-rate then he can, and should, be punished for doing so. The self-rate questionnaire has two places where players must check and acknowledge that they are telling the truth and not omitting any pertinent information.
I don't know if he lied on the questionnaire or not... I haven't looked at the self rate process in ages so I'm not even sure what all the steps are. Is it possible he didn't answer the questions but just entered in 4.0 as his self rating since that was his most recent computer rating? We are in Norcal in case that makes any difference (we don't use tennislink here - have our own web system).

I do agree though that it would have been safer for him to self-rate 4.5 and then appeal, and no doubt the appeal would have been granted given that his most recent playing activity was at 4.0 and was mediocre.

I don't have a personal interest in this either way, but I do think it would be sad if he got DQ'd on a technicality when by any objective measure he really is a 4.0 - even the computer thought he's a 4.0.
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