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Originally Posted by Gut4Tennis View Post
so someone paid 50 bucks to say he should be a 4.5 when he played 4.0 for a few seasons and was middle of the road.

what a waste of 50 bucks

* I seem to remember to file a grievance you have to pay a 50 check along with the filled out form with proof. if you're correct you get the 50 bucks back, if wrong the sections keeps it and cashes it and they all have a pizza party on you
Well, we'll see if it was a waste of $50 or not! Some posters seem to be of the opinion that the grievance will hold.

I do think it's very sad though that some opponent or captain would want to DQ this guy on a technicality even though it is very clear that he is rated at the correct level in terms of skill.
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