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Originally Posted by sachin_patel View Post
Hi Guys,

Sorry for long description. Here goes my story.

I had a knee injury about 3 months ago. I went to doctor and he said my ligament feels loose so lets do MRI. MRI Results showed partial tear in knee but he said It looks like you have complete tear. (Because you have bone bruises and usually that happens with complete tear). I haven't torn my meniscus.

I went to another doctor for second opinion. He also said you have complete tear looking at MRI.

All this time my knee doesn't feel unstable. So far it gave way only once on the day I was injured.

The first doctor prescribed Physical Therapy as I was skeptical about operation.

After a month i had followup appointment yesterday and he said, my knee feels pretty stable to him. no need for surgery.. call us back if you have instability.. continue exercise and use a brace.

I am now worried if this is bad decision for long term... has anyone done something like this?

Thanks in advance.
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