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Originally Posted by Ronaldo View Post
Like coil memory and tough to handle when stringing? Like barbed wire
I didn't find coil memory to be that bad. It's there, but for me it wasn't a major hindrance. It does resemble poly when you feel it. I wouldn't say it feels that tough to handle, but it does have what I'll call a "stealth" friction burn. I didn't think it was going to hurt, so I handled it like it was harmless, but my index finger felt an intense burn later that lasted for days. At least with a textured poly you know what you're dealing with and the warning comes instantly.

I think the elongation is the main thing that will give stringers problems. I don't mind giving the pulls extra time so I can take up all the slack, but I don't have to finish 10-15 stringing jobs in a day, and I don't have an employer monitoring me who pays me by the hour. Worst case would be a kid rushing through the job on a crank machine, and then the customer wonders why it lost so much tension. If you don't string racquets yourself, make sure you take it to someone reputable. I think the best type of machine for this is electronic constant pull (which are very expensive), but a good stringer who takes pride in his work can probably do a good job on any machine.

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