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Default Slam Draw Trivia

inspired by recent thread ...

Guidelines: looking for most draw opponents who were slam champs, and total slams by those opponents. Example -

Sampras, 1994 Australian. En route to the title he defeated Kafelnikov (R64), Lendl (R16), and Courier (SF). These players won 2+8+4 = 14 slams. Sampras draw = 3 slammers, 14 slams. Yevgeny had no slams at the time, but we're giving him credit for his 2 career slams. All clear? Questions are for Open Era only.

1) Who is the only slam champ to defeat five (5) fellow slam champs en route to the title?

2) There is one other player who had 5 slam champs in his draw. He defeated four of them, but lost in the final to the fifth. Who was he?

3) Whose draw had opponents with the largest total of slams? This player is not the answer to questions (1) or (2).

4) Softball, that just came out of the research. Who is the only player to face Federer and Sampras in the same slam?
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