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Originally Posted by Double_Bagel View Post
Been playing with a number of racquets of late - leaded-up Volkl PB10 mid, Blade 93. TFlight 320 Vo2 max and a YTPP.

The Donnay is more solid-feeling than all of them. Very little vibration at all on the Donnay. You do get some in the usual spots, such as mis-hitting a serve at the top of the hoop, but nowhere near as jarring as on the other racquets I mentioned.

Bear in mind I have a multi in the Donnay, and full poly beds in the others, which probably soaks up a lot of vibration in the Donnay. I'm keen to put a co-poly into it and see how it plays.
I haven't tried the Platinum, but my wife has the X-Dual Silver 99 and it is a very soft, comfortable feeling stick. I always figured the Gold and Platinum versions would have a similar feeling. The only thing I like better in terms of feel is the TFight 315.
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