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Originally Posted by monfed View Post
Umm the courts were not watered at the beginning of the 5th set and they weren't watered in the 1st and 3rd sets either. Guess who won those sets?

And FYI the courts in the previous matches were watered in the fifth set. Why the heck wasn't it watered at the beginning of the fifth set? The court was clearly not upto par in the fifth. Absolutely pathetic officiating if I've ever seen any. Hilariously unbelievable.

As if this is not enough,Novak got a time violation while he was serving at deuce at an absolutely critical juncture of the match in the 5th set(think it was the 8th game,Novak was serving at 4-3) which possibly spoilt his concentration and probably led to that rash overhead. In contrast,Nadal who is a repeat offender got a point penalty when he was serving at 5-1 in the third when it absolutely didn't hurt him at all.

Nadal also called a ball out in the third game of the 3rd set which landed in and Pascal Maria called it out when hawkeye showed the ball was clearly in which resulted in Novak getting broken and eventually losing the set. So,Nadal cheated there, he should just hand his trophy to Pascal,they could both go on a cruise together for a job well done.

Sorry, Novak got robbed any unbiased person can see this,end of story.

hahahaha, Really so what you are saying is the officiating was the reason nadal won and novak lost wow that's your reasoning bad officiating. you know what if that's what you think that's your opinion i cant change that, you must be on dogfood for thinking that way seriously what kind of tennis fan are you if you are unhappy with the officials at roland garros or pascal then its very simple don't watch you fruitcake.
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