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Originally Posted by Towser83 View Post
In terms of actually being a contest that either player can win, Nadal vs Djokovic is better. However despite some amazing points, it all gets a bit over the top and boring when every rally is 25 shot and over type affair. Fed vs Nadal is more entertaining but predictable in the outcome. case in point Rome 2006. The match was absolutely sick, but of course Fed blew a couple of forehands and lost the match. Nadal remained strong.

The best combination of unpredictability and entertainment is federer vs Djokovic. Close matches full of great attacking play, hard to call before hand. sadly too many of these have been semi finals, especially in slams where they have met 11 times but only in one final. crappy draws.
Pretty much. As far as Fed is concerned:

He has won 33% of all the matches he has played with Rafa(10-20).
He has won 55% of all the matches he has played with Djoko(16-13).
He has won 45% of all the matches he has played with Murray(9-11).

I like all combinations of the top 4 except Djoko-Murray. Nadal has his lefty factor and Fed has wicked versatility so you know that they bring something special to the table whereas Djoko and Andy have games that are all too similar.

As for which rivalry is greater, I still say Fedal because of historical importance. Djokodal is starting to gain ground though:

Fedal have met 10 times in slams, 8 times in finals.
Djokodal have met 10 times in slams, 5 times in finals.

Fedal have met 15 times in MS, 10 of those being finals.
Djokodal have met 20 times in MS, 10 of those being finals.
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