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It is OUTSTANDING watching people who laugh at those who claim Nadal only lost for this or that reason coming up with excuse after excuse to try and discredit instances when Nadal wins. Pathetic and hilarious in equal measure.

As for the rivalries, Federer and Nadal will always be number 1 for me due to how they basically saved men's tennis from becoming a total bore in the middle part of the last decade, for the quality of their matches, the contrast of styles, the clear and obvious respect they have for each other, and for the fact that this was THE rivalry arguably from 2005, at the very least from 2006, right the way through till 2010.

The Rafa-Novak rivalry was the one for 2011, and for however muh of 2012 Rafa was around for, and despite it being alive and well, the past 12 months suggests that Djokovic-Murray may be becoming THE rivalry in the sport. That's less than 2 years that Rafa and Novak were ultimate rivals. Hardly the stuff of legend. Of course that's just now. Things can change.

Djokovic and Nadals matches are generally not as good, and in spite of all their accomplishments their face offs do not have the same epic grandeur to them that each new Federer-Nadal match has. I remember after I think it was one of his matches in Australia maybe last year Rafa was asked if you could play one dream match in your career what would it be, and his answer, "with Federer, at Wimbledon". The Novak and Rafa rivalry really just lacks the mighty feeling of significance that the Nike guys have.
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