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Played a match today with my normal sticks and played terribly partly due to the poly being pretty dead and not having had time to restring it. Sprayed a lot of balls that I would have normally put away or been pressuring balls.

Not something I would normally do but I pulled out the Donnay P1 NG/ZX setup and suddenly the difference was like night and day. Power, spin, court length, and felt like I could hit out again with confidence and take control of rallies compared to the dead poly setup.

Still lost the match on a 2nd set tie break but having been 0-3 down in the 2nd set when I swapped racquets, it was impressive how vastly better that 6 week old NG/ZX setup performed compared to the 3 week old dead poly.

It never ceases to amaze me how well poly plays when fresh and how badly it plays when dead.

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