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Originally Posted by SwankPeRFection View Post
Used to hit in the 120's I think. Low 120's but still. I'll bet the new frame is not only bigger but also lighter to help him swing it more freely. Less mass equals less speed on your shots if you can't get the pendulum timing just right for the stick you're using. This could explain why sometimes he nails a shot perfectly and other times it's weak looking.

I'd hate to say it, but what if he had gone with an Asian 90? For people who can't deal with 12oz sticks, the Asian 90 is perfect. Now obviously Fed is much stronger than your average league player is, but a lighter racquet with similar SW or inertial force as his normal 90 could help speed things up.

**** man, give him the 85 and let's see what's up.

BTW, the larger racquet with more power that Sampras moved to on his senior tour are helping him because he no longer has the swing speed he did when he was young. Contrary to this, Fed still does and that's one of the reasons why this experiment isn't working well. What I saw is that unless things were perfectly set up for a shot, he was always hitting at 85% just to keep control on it. It's funny, but his shot results almost looked like what I had experienced when I played with an EXO Black a few years ago. With the open grommets two shots hit the same way never ended up in the same place and crap was always long. Switched to closed grommets and that improved some but sometimes it would still creep up. Switched to poly and that brought back some more control. Eventually I gave up on that POS frame and been playing with a 90 ever since. Sure it's heavier and whatnot, but once I figured out that I don't need to fight my mechanics or muscle my shots, especially the serve, amazing things started to happen.
Once again, I think you are spot on. On the serve the accuracy wasn't there so it almost felt like he was taking a lot off to hit the right spots. Off the ground, many of hit shots seemed to have more spin (for control) and rarely did he seem comfortable swinging full out.

I would add one more thing ... watch how much trouble he's having with a "mid-range" ball - one that's not too short but not really deep. He is typically known for being very aggressive with these but in Hamburg he has not only been tentative, but he's been missing an unusually high percentage of them ... even off the forehand side.
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