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Originally Posted by phishbiscuits View Post
Those are NOT characteristics of a good seller, let alone average.

You should get EXACTLY what you agreed upon.

Rapid communication, quick shipment, and goods as advertised = good

Going beyond bare minimum = great

Sorry eggreen4, not trying to undermine you. It's problems like these that make people hesitant and distrustful of otherwise reliable, honest, and professional-like sellers. Trust is essential...
I was giving him the benefit of the doubt. I understand we all have lives. It was a mistake indeed on his part, but for what I paid, the trouble to go through shipping it back and getting my money back just isn't worth it. I've done enough deals on here and other forums to know that. That's why I labeled the title as I did, he was not a great seller but above average. It's also a subjective type of clarification really.
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