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Ifnyou wantnyou can other videos ? Innother thread serves and returns.
What we need it match play. Keep in mind to play higher NTRP people, you need better mental game too. Rallying doesn't affect your mental game, playing does. But anyways you should really put the camera in the back (like TomT suggested) so we have a better view on how fast the ball is going, how high the ball is going, what balls are going out etc. I'm not criticizing you, I'm just saying, we can't judge without matchplay and a better angle of you. Who knows. You might play better with your "jumpy" strokes during a match compared to most of the people critiquing you cause they're all internet tennis gurus who know a lot about the technical stuff on tennis but actually don't know how to implement it in their game... (I'm saying most, not all. There are some of you that I have respect for). But anyways, aside from my little rant, the main point is MATCHPLAY.
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