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Originally Posted by byealmeens View Post
Once again, I think you are spot on. On the serve the accuracy wasn't there so it almost felt like he was taking a lot off to hit the right spots. Off the ground, many of hit shots seemed to have more spin (for control) and rarely did he seem comfortable swinging full out.

I would add one more thing ... watch how much trouble he's having with a "mid-range" ball - one that's not too short but not really deep. He is typically known for being very aggressive with these but in Hamburg he has not only been tentative, but he's been missing an unusually high percentage of them ... even off the forehand side.
Yep, I agree. I think if he really likes and wants to switch to this new racquet, he'll have to change up his stringing a bit. Fed has always been known to hit flatter shots than anyone else. Sure, he can loop shots when he wants to, but if you look at his net clearance on his average shots, it's not very much. Because of this, he won't go well with a racquet that has more power. I don't think he ever needed more power, I think what he needs is one that can come around faster for him. If he can't get in position faster, then he needs a racquet that'll be more forgiving in motion... that means slightly lighter without sacrificing the stable base that he expects from it. A Blade 98 is not it. Perhaps Wilson can go back to the drawing board and lighten up his current 90 and stiffen it up just a tad bit. The lightness will give him a bit more speed on the defensive shots to get the racquet in position faster and the stiffening will give it a bit more power than what it has now. Change those two up, have him loosen the stringing a bit if needed and see where that new iteration of the 90 for 2014 gives him. That's what I think Wilson should do for him. Giving him a Blade that's possibly custom drilled for a tighter center pattern isn't doing **** for him right now.

Anyone who think tweener racquets are the bomb has never played with a box-beam stick. It's something that once you get used to it, nothing else comes close. He just needs an improved design to it as opposed to the constant softening that Wilson is doing to it.

Like it or not and despite what people on here say (i.d. he's still playing with a K90 frame under all the current PJs, etc.) his strokes/power started to suffer a bit right when Wilson introduced the BLX line of 90's. Since then the sticks were softer and more muted... heck, even normal players said this with the off the shelf units. I firmly believe that Wilson provides him with regular sticks and P1 just customizes them to his liking for feel and nothing more. Wilson needs to back up their golden boy and dial back the noodle softness of what they've turned the 90's into. The ProStaff line was a bit of an improvement, but they need to go back to a more raw feel on it. When that happens, I believe it'll solve his issues.
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