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Originally Posted by byealmeens View Post
Once again, I think you are spot on. On the serve the accuracy wasn't there so it almost felt like he was taking a lot off to hit the right spots.
Taking something off your serve does not necessarily help you hit the right spots at the level Federer serves. His serve is an integral part of his game and known as one of the most precision serves in history. I don't know why anyone would be remotely surprised that his serve would be most affected initially by such a big change in his racquet.

Originally Posted by byealmeens View Post
Off the ground, many of hit shots seemed to have more spin (for control) and rarely did he seem comfortable swinging full out.
Haas looked odd here to, as did Verdasco - neither of them were using new frames that I am aware of. I put it more down to the surface and these odd Tretorn balls than anything specifically racquet-related for Federer.
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