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Originally Posted by Bartelby View Post
No. A picture of Federer's Blade in another thread makes it clear that it has a boxy throat and hoop most unlinke the retail Blade, so it could be the Wilson version of the Prestige.
I saw that pic and it does look like a Prestige frame, but so does a Blade. The Blade 98 has a flat beam design with slight curvatures of the sides... something that's hard to tell if the paint is flat vs shiny... not to mention grainy pics. It's either one or the other, but none of the current Head models have a throat large enough where you can put your finger in it and spin the racquet around like Fed used to do with his 90. His prototype does have this. That's the small detail that everyone keeps overlooking. Plus, the Head design has flat outsides to the hoop, making it easy to hit the ball off of it when you bounce it. The Blade 98 has flat insides but rounded outsides, making it harder to bounce a ball off of it than say his old 90. We all saw that he was having issues doing this one very simple move when he's walking up to the line. I think it's because the ball was rolling off the more curved edges.
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