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Originally Posted by tistrapukcipeht View Post
So you think you know more than FED himself?

So, FED is the best tennis player that ever lived, He knows what he wants and needs, I can tell you He knows a lot more than you will ever about tennis. Quit putting irrelevant threads out!
I would put money down that he doesn't know everything about his stick. I could be completely wrong on this, but for some reason (based on some videos I've seen when he talks about his sticks), it just seems like he plays with them and they feel good, but he doesn't exactly go to P1 or Wilson and say specifically what they must technically change on it. It's like Tom Cruise in Days of Thunder when he didn't know what to tell the mechanics what to do to the car to make it work for him... lol

I dunno, if I had the chance to quiz him on stuff, I'd quiz him on his equipment and see what answers he had. If he was vague, he's either covering up the fact that his sponsors isn't giving him the same stuff he's trying to sell us or he just doesn't know all the technical facts.

Maybe the guys at P1 can at least answer this question. Does Fed walk in and state specifically/technically what he wants or does he just ask for generalized things in layman's terms and you figure out what he wants and do it up for him?
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