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Yep, the only thing with tuning your ball pocketing capability of the string/racquet combo is that your racquet head speed also plays a part in that, so depending on the speed of the strings pocketing an incoming ball and recoiling it back off the string bed, you must NOT over accelerate beyond that specific sweet point. If you do, you'll have no power and the shots may be off a bit from where you wanted them to go.

It's hard to put into words, but have you ever swung faster than normal and not had more power into a shot than you did when you didn't try so hard? That's overdriving the capability of the string/racquet setup. If it's not a smooth properly timed motion, it won't work right. This is actually one of the main reasons why pros with very hit RHS will string higher... to make sure that the responsiveness is there from the string bed on faster strokes.

Something to think about... tension based on your swing speed, not what the racquet manufacturer wants you to string at for the specific stick.
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