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Originally Posted by Tennis_Hands View Post
I asked you in the other thread how do you know that what Nadal says is to be believed at all?

I asked you whether he specified particular goals for 2014 to distinguish it from his "transitional" year?

If you don't know this you are talking BS.

And, yes, Nadal can reach 15 Majors.
You'd have to be really stupid to think Nadal was going to peak in 2013 after returning in....2013 So if you don't believe Nadal when he says he's trying to peak by 2014, you just aren't very smart.

Specified particular goals in 2014? No, he just said 2014 (that means not 2013).

15 slams minimum, because nobody can stop him at Roland Garros. That alone gets him to 15.
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