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Originally Posted by NADALbULLS View Post
You'd have to be really stupid to think Nadal was going to peak in 2013 after returning in....2013 So if you don't believe Nadal when he says he's trying to peak by 2014, you just aren't very smart.

Specified particular goals in 2014? No, he just said 2014 (that means not 2013).

15 slams minimum, because nobody can stop him at Roland Garros. That alone gets him to 15.
The problem is, if Nadal hasn't specified goals for 2013 and 2014 how do YOU know that he will peak in 2014 (apart from believing )?

You do realize that he has to eclipse his achievements from 2013 (which will be pretty tough, considering how many titles he has won , how many finals he was in and everything, that has not happened yet).

Besides, you didn't answer my question about how you define "peak" for Nadal. What is your measuring stick?

People like you avoid such questions like a plague, because usually they either troll hard or have no idea what they are talking about.

And, rest assured, Nadal will fall at RG at least once in the next three years. Mark my words.
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