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^^^ Dunno about that. If you had a normal league player (older) come in from playing with poly at 58, their remark about wanting something totally different is probably because they found out poly is too tight and rough/boardy at 58. What they don't realize, like everyone else, is that you don't have to string everything in the 50's or 60's to be playable. Either way, the OP should have asked the player what he did or didn't like about the stringing. If they said because it didn't feel good and was too rough, I'd restring it at 40 and send him back out with it under the understanding that if he still didn't like it, we'd then look at changing strings to something other than poly. (Of course, this one 40's test with the same string would be on my dime as a test for them to see if they prefer longer poly tensions. I normally do this because more than half the time they don't believe me until they try it. Then all of a sudden poly isn't a bad string for them and they just change their tension preference but remain with either that same poly or a different one they move to later. If they love the new low tensions, almost 75% of them come back and pay for that freebie test anyway out of courtesy, so it's a win/win most of the time.) The other side of the coin is that they probably asked for RPM because they heard it introduces a lot of spin. I would argue that there are a ton of other non-shaped poly strings in 17 that can get you just as much spin as RPM and it lasts a lot longer too if not strung stupid tight.

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