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Originally Posted by Red001 View Post
I have to try tension in high 40s though DT=30 is very close to the recommended threshold 28. I sent an email to ERT-300 manufacturer 'BEERS Technic GmbH' asking why they recommend NOT to play with DT below 28. The answer was '...Our recommendations are based on experiences of tournament players preferring higher DT for better Control in their powerful games. DT 28 (newly strung) is a low string bed stiffness. Going even lower than 28 we then will reach the situation of a “hanging net” (reduced playing feed back, less control). ... '

Rhaudiogeek, Do you notice string movement on your racquet with such a low tension or your strings still 'snap' back?
Depends on what string you use.A stiff poly like RPM Blast, Signum Pro or Kirschbaum Pro Line X does not move much at all.

I usually hybrid mine with a multi in the mains and co-poly on the cross. Works well for me.
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