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Originally Posted by LeeD View Post
To be blunt, you don't know sports, and certainly not the throwing motion.
Outfielder's don't jump up to throw far.
Pitcher's don't jump upwards to throw.
QB's don't jump to throw far.
Javelin throwers don't jump up to throw.
Shortstops and third baseman don't jump upwards to throw hard and fast.
Catcher's don't jump up in the air to pick off a base stealer.
In NO sports besides tennis, you don't jump to throw far.
You jump to raise your contact point so you have a bigger court to hit into.
The jump happens as a side effect in the tennis serve because the throwing motion is directed mainly upwards. In the other sports you mention, the throwing motion is more horizontal, hence the jump does not happen.

I won't respond to your presumptions about my knowledge of sports or throwing since you are bound to type in some garbage occasionally due to the volume of your postings.
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