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Originally Posted by BirdWalkR View Post
New Serves:

Old Serves: (For comparison heres what my serve looked like about 5 months ago)

Some serves and forehands. been looking to try and flatten my forehand out and finish points quickly off the forehand and serve. Mostly I'd like tips on maximizing and correctin my serve (since thats mostly what the video is). Vertical arm toss? Trophy posistion? Racket Drop? Thanks for any advice, I've kind of stopped focusing on technique and just trying to get more pace and consistency. And this is where I am now

P.S. Sorry if the vid is too short. I know it doesn't show much but I have a pretty high first serve percentage and double faulting isnt an issue.. although it used to be
A few tips:
  • You need to let your right shoulder drop lower, whilst keeping the left shoulder high. It will let you swing up at the ball, letting you generate pace and spin more easily. You need to get your rear shoulder nice and low to 'swing up the mountain'.
  • You need to let the racquet head drop a lot more at the start of the upswing. It's a kind of flinging motion, imagine you are tossing a ball or something. A good way of practising this motion is to swing a towel.
  • Coil up a bit more, but don't force it - more knee bend, arch the back a little more, go for a reverse C shape. Roddick generated a lot of power from the lower body and is good to copy.
  • A higher or later ball toss, as you don't have time to set up your swing properly with your current toss, as you are rushing to the contact point
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