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Originally Posted by WildVolley View Post
This common tennis player wisdom is like a movie monster that can't be killed.

Of course tennis players jump. But since tennis players were taught not to jump they have to come up with mystical and idiotic explanations for how they are moving into the air. Can you imagine how stupid players of other sports would sound if they tried to use this logic (and I do understand that sureshs may be joking): Basketball players don't jump, they rise into the air due to pushing off the ground; high jumpers don't jump, they rise into the air due to the kinetic chain and momentum.

Why is LeeD off the rails on this thread?

Jumping in tennis definitely can increase power if it is timed correctly. LeeD must know this? Baseball pitchers lunge forward, javelin throwers run into the throw. These motions help load the shoulder and chest and provide more power. A correctly timed jump in tennis can absolutely do the same thing. It isn't the primary power source, but there is no question it can help.
LeeD is 65 and cranky, but he is all right.

It depends on how much the jumping is isolated. Basketball players have to jump, though if it is not a free throw, they can use their existing motion too. High jumpers always run before they jump. If running was only for the forward motion, they should be able to stand a foot behind the bar and just jump over it. Obviously the running is giving them a lot of lift too.
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