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Originally Posted by Red001 View Post
Did someone used ERT-300 on racquets strung at mid 40 (lbs)?
What is Dynamic Tension (DT) value for such racquets?
ERT manufacturer stated that DT on any racquet should NOT go below 27.
I don't have an ERT-300. Your post, it seems to me, is a perfect microcosm of the boards. I do not think we should let the "science" of tennis equipment trump what we do on court.

Originally Posted by SwankPeRFection View Post
Also remember that set tension that you're stringing at vs what type of stringer you use vs how quickly you string will also have a tendency to give you slightly different results of the string bed stiffness.

For example, when I string my 90's at 40 or 44 lbs, I will string one of them slower than the other. The one I string slower has a nicer slightly softer bed right off the bat as opposed to the other one, which is slightly stiffer. I play with the softer one and the stiffer one goes in the bag as the backup. When the first one goes dead in a couple of weeks, I move to the other one and by then, the bed feels just like the other one did fresh off the stringer.

Play around a little and see what feels best to you or your client.

Another very important aspect to remember is that string tension also dictates ball pocketing and depending on the racquet head size, stiffness of the frame, etc. more ball pocketing on one frame will increase accuracy while it may not do so on another. So, some sticks benefit from lower tensions to provide more power and control vs the standard rationale that less tension provides power vs more tension providing more control.
This is nice. I will set my Wise to the slowest speed when next I string. You say you really can feel a difference? What machine are you stringing with?
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