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Originally Posted by Tim View Post
How many hours could you get with the Io/rzr pro combo? The thing I really didn't like with the Big Banger is it totally died at around 8-10 hours, I hit pretty flat so the pro 18 didn't break till around 16 hours, do you use 16 or 17 gauge?
I haven't tested that combo, and I'm typically a quick string-breaker for syn guts and multis, but I usually cut polys before they break.

I would guess that iO/RZR should give you at least 15-20 hours of play (though I'm honestly not sure how much elasticity would be left after that long). Honestly, it's really really hard for me to guess b/c I'm more a multi user than I am a poly user. But iO and RZR Rx are two polys that have a nicer feel to me, so I think they are good candidates for someone who likes multi but might want to venture into polys.

Because of the unique material in RZR Rx (and based on my own experience) I would think it would continue to feel softer longer than that Luxilon of yours, but here again -- my testing with polys is a lot more limited than my testing with multis.
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