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Originally Posted by Europe123 View Post
Vary game depending on the quality of the opposition.....But like to get to net.
Originally Posted by The Isomotion31 View Post
Dependent on the situation. If I see that my opponent can not return my serve deep enough consistently then its a go on S&V. Otherwise it is baseline until I can get something where I can hit an approach shot.
I'm of the generation that is supposed to stand back and bash, but I like to come to the net based on the above. The wide kicker to the ad court and follow up volley is a go-to pattern if I find out a guy can't hit high backhands. Same thing with the wide slice to the deuce court or the high kicker up the middle.

If a guy can't get depth on any of his returns, I'll go to exclusive S&V. Saves me time and energy, and minimizes the chance I'll make an error from the backcourt.

I'll like bashing during hitting sessions, but I like winning during matches.
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