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Originally Posted by ollinger View Post
^^^ uhhh, no, since the larger racquet probably has a larger sweetspot, the most distant aspect of which may be just as far from your hand as the smaller sweetspot of the smaller racquet.
Nope, the center of the sweetspot on a smaller racquet is further away from your hand than the center of the sweetspot on a bigger racquet of the same length.

And bigger racquets do not necessarily have bigger sweetspots. For example, the PS 6.0 85 has a bigger sweetspot than the PS 6.0 95 despite being 10 sq. in. smaller because on the 95, the entire upper half of the stringbed is dead, whereas the sweetspot on the 85 is huge for an 85.

The higher sweetspot is one reason why smaller racquets serve so well (faster racquet head speed being another reason), because they effectively make you a couple of inches taller, and height matters on serves.
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