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Would it be outrageous to suggest pure baseliners who rate as a 4.0 or below are unlikley to have the power and abiity to place the ball to frequently and consistently hit winners, therefore predominately earn nearly all their points from unforced errors by their opponents? How often do you see lower skilled players smashing the ball past you?

What I might be suggesting is that it is easier to hit winners at the net than at the baseline when youre at a lower level because power doesnt come into the equation as much, and the technique is less complex. Plus you can work with greater angles. Why does no one play the net anymore then? Is it too uncool? Wouldn't developing an abilty to volley as opposed to trying to smash the skin off the ball from the baseline a more effective and educated way of winning more games when youre still in the early development stages of learning the game?
Exactly why S&V is still effective on rec level. I don't get passed that much. Lobbed every once in a while, but not passed.
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