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Default Another loss, but getting closer...

Hi all, played my good mate again last night.

Thanks again for the advice.


6-3 6-4 4-6

I know the scoreline isn't right, but we wanted to play three sets.

Night time, humid, no breeze, nice and cool.

Again, my serve is still at a horrible low at the moment. Just not getting it in. It cost me that match. I need to really work on my second serve, cos its non-existant at the moment. Really disappointed about it. Barely held serve. In the last set when the set was on the line, I was even resorting to patty-cake serves, and thankfully I pulled through. I thank being disciplined to my game plan for this. Im still trying to get used to serving with my Extreme Pro 2.0 after finally ditching "old faithful" (have kept going back to it only to realise why you left it in the first place, and waking up with regrets - bit like an ex girlfriend.)

My return of service was also very strong. It shook up his serve in the end. I was attacking his backhand off this at every oppurtunity.

I can positively say the rest of my game out did my opponent. I stuck to my game plan for the duration of the match, and attacked his backhand at came into the net at every oppurtunity. I was relentless. His confidence on his backhand fell to pieces. And the lobs he put up I managed to get back - my overhead practice was paying off. My volleys were good (missed a couple but made a lot of winners). The shots deep to the court I returned with plenty of topsin and depth. I counted only one of his booming cross court winners all night, which gave him a big lift, but I didnt give him any other opportunities to play it.

With my approach shots I continually went to his backhand. It worked well when I didnt hit it into the net or long. This needs work. I have to realise that a down the line approach shot to the ad court is a lot more risky than a cross court shot, and balance the risk when I have to by going cross court.

As I said, I was bitterly disappointed with my service game. I made a few good winners on the serve and volley off the first serve, but my double fault count was astronomical. Back to work I go with this. The fact I managed to take a set with my serve so broken I felt was testament to staying disciplined to my game plan with my ground game.

Its set to rain here for the next 5 days or so, so no practice or matches grrrrrr

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