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It's a big, fat lie -- and we ALL know it!*

Anyone who raises a hand in apology for a net ball that drops over for a point is just lying if that's supposed to be an apology. People play to win points. Half of those net cords will drop for winners and half for losers. When a ball trickles over the new for a winner the "winner" should not fist pump, yet like they just won the lottery, or do anything to exacerbate the mood. They got lucky so an ostentatious fist pump (when accompanied with a big yell "YES") is punishable by Vito and Rocco busting up the pumper's knee caps.

* (If you're playing with grandma or a nephew in a social match and you win a net tape point you may wish you did not win it. You want the underdog to get a good feeling in playing and wish the ball would drop in their favor. You can make it up to them on the next point by intentionally hitting a ball out or setting them up with a nice short ball they can crush for a winner.)
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