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Originally Posted by NadalDramaQueen View Post
I don't want to waste too much time in this silly thread, but the bolded portion is simply absurd. Talk of what countries are producing "top players" is irrelevant. Any significant increase in size of a pool of players is going to result in a better field in general along with better top players. This is only an expectation, of course, but it is a very strong one given a big increase. Anyway, read the literature on the subject if you're interested, as I'm not going through it for you. The most ridiculous assumption on this board is that you can tell with your eyes how good top players from an era were compared to other eras when you only saw them play against each other.
No, I do think there's much to be said for a history of producing great players. There is accumulated knowledge, resources, networks, etc. You don't just turn on a switch and get all that. Also, I agree that we should all be very wary of having certainty when trying to compare across eras. There are huge limits to doing so. As to the bolded portion, how about Spain, Switzerland, and Serbia..more players in those countries now right? Will they produce more great players in the next decade compared to the last decade? If so, why not?
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