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Originally Posted by Eragon View Post
You do realize, don't you, that you're talking to a poster that considers the 2000s a weak era and suggests Federer's Slams don't mean anything?
You are so biassed you are wrong.I never said federer titles mean nothing and if you had read some of my former posts, you would know I consider him an all time great and, certainly, the only current player that i can watch without failing slept in 30 minutes ( if lucky).

All I said, and not me but many posters , all of them posters who learned and developed their taste for the game in the Golden Era, is that the level of competitiveness atop in the slot of time fed dominated ( that is, between Sampras retirement and Nadal consolidation) is certainly one of the weakest eras and, clearly, the weakest since open tennis began back in 68.And it is not, probably, Rogerīs fault at all.I am positively sure he hates having been destined to live through those years.
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