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Originally Posted by Eragon View Post
You train a group of 10 people to play Tennis. You give the same training to a group of 1000. Pick the best player from the group of 10 and the best player from the group of 1000. Who is more likely to win?
It can depend even with a very skewed ratio of 10:1000. Look at just Switzerland and Sweden. How did Federer and Borg come from those "small pools"? One sees that problem with assuming that greater numbers automatically translate to greater players with the example of Switzerland, Serbia, and Spain currently. How many players will come from those three countries combined that will be as great as Federer, Nadal, or Djokovic? One great player maybe? Why not if they have perhaps twice or three times as many players in total these days versus the junior days of those greats. It's simple not automatic and with statistics for example, if you have a truly random sample from say 1000, it approximates a truly random sample from a much, much greater pool. All time greats are born and they are also made. They just come along once in a while and just throwing more players out there simply cannot overcome the notion that all time greats are born and not just "made".
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