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Originally Posted by kiki View Post
Tanner beat Vilas and Roddick beat Ferrero.up to you...

Hewitt, at most, has one fully credible win, over Sampras at the US Open.His Wimbledon final against Nalbandian is, more or less, as " great" a win as Mac beating Lewis in the same event, in 83.
roddick beat two in-form players in USO 03 - nalbandian ( who had beaten federer in the 4th round ) and ferrero ( who had beaten hewitt and agassi back to back )

tanner won the AO in a depleted field. vilas was decent at the AO on grass, but that's about it. overall field doesn't even come close.

lewis was a one slam wonder. the comparision with nalbandian who was a legit top 10 player for a long time is laughable. hewitt also beat henman in wimbledon 02 , something you ignore.

he also wallopped kafelnikov in the USO 2001 SF , giving him only 4 games.

In the year ending masters , hewitt beat :

2001: agassi, rafter, ferrero
2002 : federer, safin, ferrero

Originally Posted by kiki View Post
Stolle won two majors, beating all time greats Newcombe (USO) and Roche (FO).Like Roddick, he also lost three Wimbledon finals.

stolle beat newk and roche before they came into their own, well before their prime time, in amateur fields. He'd have to be lucky to win a major in a full field, let alone two.

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