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Originally Posted by kiki View Post
If you just bring up the records and the name of the " competitive" players of that slot of time, you will have the answer why ( not just me but most experienced posters) this is considered to be weak, and it is not Federer īs fault.

When a Tommy Hass or a Bagdhatis is considered a threat to win a major, something is wrong.I never considered Barazutti or Higueras to be a potential slam winner, you know...
haas/baghdatis when playing well are far better than barazutti or higueras, its not even close.

federer has played plenty of excellent players, plenty of very good players playing excellently. you know sh*t about this era because you haven't watched much and don't bother to follow it either .

weak era is when someone likes kodes wins 3 majors, three, not one. weak era is when stolle wins 2 majors ...etc etc

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