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Originally Posted by sovertennis View Post
I had a very similar experience when I was 40, which was a few years ago. IMO, the surgery is necessary to avoid ongoing instability and to decrease the chance of arthritis developing prematurely, if at all. The rehab will take about nine months, if you go about it diligently and properly. In the 15 years since I had the surgery I've continued to play tennis, as well as soccer, mt biking, running, etc, all completely normally.
Thanks for the encouraging tale of recovery! I am glad your reconstruction was a complete success. So far, I am doing really well. I achieved full extension at 2 weeks and almost full flexion at 6 weeks out. I am working hard at rehab and following the rules, despite how good my knee is feeling--no tennis until late spring 2014. Sigh. But, I will be better than I was before...bigger, stronger, faster...
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