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Two factors to look at: the amount of body coil in the preparation and the amount of extension in the followthrough. Without a full turn--which is easy to develop at any level--you are leaving energy out of your stroke.

At for extension, even at the pro level a player like Janowicz shows that you can hit through with the racket on edge with minimal wiper, crush the ball, and have plenty of spin.

Rather than thinking low to high or windshield wiper think of it as a continuum.

The key to pace is the arc of the forward swing. It needs to be relatively flat and approximate the flight path of the ball to maximize velocity.

Especially on lower balls and more especially at the club level, brushing up the back while keeping the racket face vertical can give you plenty of spin for the situation.

Answering higher, heavier, faster balls can require more wiper if you still want to hit with a fairly low arc say like Fed or Djok.

But I see it all the time. I recently played some 4.5 men's league singles matches--a lot of guys at the 4.0 level and up think they have to spin the ball like Rafa. But there's a trade off depending on your natural racket head speed. The only thing worse than not having any topspin is having too much relative to your ball velocity. Then you end of hitting those short sitters and slower heavier balls into openings that shouldn't come back, but do.

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