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yea, I would NOT change to a different follow-thru. The racket is moving in 3 directions on a FH: 1. an upward path, 2. an across path, and 3. and outward path. Sounds like you have too much up in your stroke and not enough out.

My opinion is you should let your extension run out - fully extended the arm as you rotate core into contact - before you pronate the forearm into a WW follow-thru and NOT use the WW pronation early to pull the racket up. The only exception for this is when you are really late to contact and then you may have to pull up more severely and pronate sooner just to get the ball back. But, a normal rally stroke should have good extension as well as up and across movement of the racket head.

Try hitting some forehands where your hitting elbow is pointing toward your opponents head at your finish. The butt of your racket will also be pointing at your opponent. Maybe try it on a wall or ball machine to get the feel. If your elbow is pointing at your opponent, you have fully rotated your core and likely not pronated early.

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