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Default Baseline play and hitting out

So after posting a "basliners how do you play that way" thread and reading the replies which were great especially about the dreaded lob winner, I decided to play as a baseliner.

I lost 4-6 in one set and I should have won being up serving at 4-4.

Anyhow it was hell. The most frustrating of sets. At least when you are getting passed you are "doing something". I struggled to get my head around sitting back when I had so many chances to end the point. I tried to "play chess" and realized that I am much better at actual chess then tennis chess


1. Serve. I wasnt nearly effective with the serve. Mentally it wasnt the weapon it normally was because I was just trying to get it in and start the rally. Also I noticed that when I hit the serve I ALWAYS hit a slice shot on the next shot because I was in a slice grip. With SV that is what you want, but on the baseline it sucked.
How do you serve aggressively, and how do you get ready for the next shot? I guess I have to relearn what to do after the serve.

2. Groundies. Ironically the points were just as short when playing as a baseliner as they where when I played sv. That poster who said I need to get better groundstrokes might have been dead on. We played some practice tiebreakers after the set and I got so damn frustrated at losing the set, I just started crushing everything. Played a bunch better. Got more spin and while I was hitting harder the spin brought things down. Several balls were called long that miraculously dropped in.

It dawned on me that when I rally I rarely hit out, preferring to keep the rally going. This leads to a weak though consistent shot. Said another way, when I HIT the ball I get more spin and things are often more consistent.

But you cant hit out all the time when rallying. Can you??

So how do I get groundies that are good. It seems like it is an either or...Either develop consistent but weaker shots or hit out all the time. Personally I think I would be better off just hitting out. The strokes work better for me that way and I think with much practice I would be a better player, but who will want to put up with that. I have hit with that guy and it sucks.

I thought I had a "rally ball" but in that set at least it was just a weak tentative shot. I just "get it in"

Also the games I did win it felt more like I didnt win them, I just let the other guy lose them. I'd rather beat someone than just let them beat themselves.

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