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Originally Posted by AtomicForehand View Post
A lot of you seem to be missing the point of the apology and the reason for offering it.

This is a subtle thing, so you one-dimensional types, try very hard to understand.

You are not sorry you won the point. You are apologizing to your opponent that a random event took him/her out of the point and ended it in your favor.

You won the point not because of your skill in executing a shot or in forcing your opponent to make an error. It was a chance occurrence that happened to give you the point.

You are merely acknowledging that this is slightly regrettable with the quaint little ritual of holding up your hand and/or saying a quick "Sorry."

Hard to grasp?
well, yes, it is hard to grasp.

Are you suggesting that when you hit a lob and it happens to land right on the baseline even though the opponent was sure it was going out than it is all skills and no luck?

When you hit a passing shot just a hair outside opponent's reach - that's all skills and no luck?

When you hit a serve that happened to land right on the 'T' - it was all skills?

but you never think about 'apologizing' for those shots - do you?

But the main point is even something else.
I'll acknowledge luck on the net cord as soon as the opponent, once in my lifetime, acknowledges that he was lucky when I hit a perfect passing shot, only it caught the tape and popped out for easy sitter he calmly pushed over the net for his easy winner. I'm waiting some 30 years now....

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