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Originally Posted by 10isfreak View Post
It takes practice to hit wonderful volleys. Same for ground strokes... you can't hit big rally balls without practice.

As you get better, you'll hit harder without putting all that much effort in the ball and your comfortable shot will be of greater quality.
Its all true. But I have been playing for 20 years and well sure there were breaks there of 4-5 years, but how much practice do you mean.

Its funny. I hardly ever practice volleys. They are just natural and while sure it would help me to practice them I can do them great with little practice.

When I go out to hit the wall, I try to hit as many consecutive forehands in a row. Not dink shots to say I hit a bunch in a row, but normal rally balls that are a 1ft or so above the net. My record is 77 in a row. I consider these good quality rally balls.

Most days I get 30-40.

Yet in a match its just a passive shot for some reason. I think it is more a comfort level and not a stroke thing. But I will try to practice more.

On a somewhat related note. Are there any tips to get out of my head and just let my body hit the ball. If you give me more time to hit the results are worse...
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