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Originally Posted by Irvin View Post
Unless you mounted the frame 0.75" away from the support that isn't your problem. I think your standard are moving. You make it sound like this only happens when you have a 1 lb difference in crosses and mains. I find that hard to understand is the standards are not moving.
Originally Posted by drgchen View Post
That's way too much distortion. When I string Babolat pure storm racquets there is no measurable difference in racquet shape when the crosses and mains are at different tensions...Haven't deviated a lot, but a few pounds. When I mount, all mounting points touch and are snug to the racquet. No play/movement.
Sorry guys, I am from Europe and I made a mistake when I converted from cm to inches. It is actually 0,15 inches distortion. This affected the playability of my racket big time. This happens when I string my crosses more than 1 lbs less than my mains. Therefore I always string my crosses at the same tension or 1 lbs higher (I never tried a higher difference for my crosses) than my mains. Then the distortion is 0,06 inches (wider) and my racket plays fine.

Irvin, I am not sure if your post still applies, now you know the distortion is less than I previously said, but I am sure my standards (you mean both 'arms' of my stringmachine I presume?) are secured.

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