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Originally Posted by RiceWithThat View Post
It is interesting how everyone can have varying experiences! For me, the CPM device actually brought pain relief. I used it over 12 hours each day for the first 4 days. Whenever the pain kicked in, I got in the CPM machine and had significant pain relief. I even slept in it each night initially.

I started at 35 degrees and went up by 5 degrees every day. In a little over a week I was to 90 degree flexion and stopped using the CPM device.
You should have tried 10 degrees at a time and seen what that felt like.

When I did 5 degrees for half the day and another 5 for the other half, it was good.

So speaking of different experiences, I had my surgery on Monday, by Thursday I was off crutches and by that Friday I had full ROM. I attribute this by:

1. CPM machine
2. Cyro cuff
3. Multiple daily massages to flush the knee
4. Neuro-stim unit set for muscle pumping

Now I wasn't walking pretty by any stretch of the imagination, but I was pretty much pain free by the end of the week. Unstable, yes, but pain free. IIRC I didn't take any pain meds past the first week.
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