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You don't mention your height and weight.

However, cycling, swimming and walking are excellent means of losing weight. You also have to eat right, which can take a lot of discipline given the temptations around us.

All of the exercises I mentioned place less stress on your joints.

Originally Posted by hoppy123 View Post
I am 50 and have been out of shape since 30 . I started playing again for the last 18 months and got to about a 3.5 -4 due to lessons from a awesome coach . Any way the last say 4 month been playing in a league with younger people and have been playing really aggressive all out for about 90 mins. I had a leg/muscle injury a few weeks a ago got over that now i got Plantar Fasciitis . Its awesome excercise and love it but hate the injuries . Any suggestion maybe better conditioning or try to lose more weight first ? Or do i have to play double with the seniors LOL !
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