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Originally Posted by AtomicForehand View Post
A lot of you seem to be missing the point of the apology and the reason for offering it.

This is a subtle thing, so you one-dimensional types, try very hard to understand.
This thread is very interesting to read.

I think you are correct that some folks simply have trouble grasping social niceties that take little effort. They put a needlessly literal and significant interpretation on it, and then declare their fervent opposition.

It's weird, in a way. Of all the things upon which a person could choose to take a stand, they take a stand on this one?

The little hand or racket wave communicates, "Dude, I totally understand how that feels." Why waste any mental energy trying to beat down this friendly little tennis custom?

Have you noticed how pro players hold up a ball before they serve with new balls? How unnecessary and silly this is. The receiver knows full well that the balls are being changed. The umpire just announced, "New balls." The ball kids were scrambling around changing out the balls. Yet the server still has to hold up the ball and say "New balls," and if the server doesn't do this the receiver gets annoyed. It is a nicety with no purpose, but it is a nice little custom.

I suppose the server could plant his flag and refuse to say "New balls." But why go there?

Same thing when you hit a player with the ball. Even if you didn't hurt them, even if it was a legitimate shot, you still say sorry or raise your hand or some such. Why? Just a friendly little tennis custom.

Why don't we all just keep on observing these little customs, just to do what we can to keep the game friendly, civil and polite? It won't hurt a bit, I promise.
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