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Default If more people helped out kids in their neighborhoods, we might see a Champion again!

In May '12 I deci dbuy some racquets on **** and give them to the kids in my Las Vegas neighborhood. ed to give them a taste of the game. They aged from 3 yrs old, to 8. We started to use the walls between their apartments, to learn the strokes and the beginning of the serve motion.
I then gave away racquets to famillies and friends, after finding **** sellers, who had be so generous after I explained what I was doing, they gave me more than I bought. In one case, it was 6 to1 and another 9 to 1, twice!
So now, after some famillies moving away, inevitable in apartment rental housing, in low income areas, I have counted 55 racquets and basic lessons, that I have provided, including balls, grips and one 6 bag case.
I'm FAR from rich, living on a SSDI check, that leaves little for me to use, to keep up my new 'mission from God', but I do manage.
There are currently NO courts that are close to us, but one is being refurbished now, so soon I hope to get some of these kids on the court, SOON!
Of course, all good deeds may not be appreciated by everyone and I had some parents question my motives. But after seeing me keep it up for over a year now, most understand that this 55 yr old guy is a TENNIS NUT and just wats to share his game with the kids.
My current need are tennis backpacks, that can hold not just their school stuff, but can hold a racquet, when they go to play on the courts.
Prices are too high, even on ****. So if anyone has an old backpack, please let me know. I am in urgent need for 2 or more, before school starts.
If you would like to check out my Facebook/GuruHelp timeline, I have pics of the kids I help, posted.
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