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Originally Posted by Shroud View Post

because I was in a slice grip. With SV that is what you want, but on the baseline it sucked.
How do you serve aggressively, and how do you get ready for the next shot? I guess I have to relearn what to do after the serve.

2. Groundies. Ironically the points were just as short when playing as a baseliner as they where when I played sv. That poster who said I need to get better groundstrokes might have been dead on. We played some practice tiebreakers after the set and I got so damn frustrated at losing the set, I just started crushing everything. Played a bunch better. Got more spin and while I was hitting harder the spin brought things down. Several balls were called long that miraculously dropped in.

It dawned on me that when I rally I rarely hit out, preferring to keep the rally going. This leads to a weak though consistent shot. Said another way, when I HIT the ball I get more spin and things are often more consistent.

But you cant hit out all the time when rallying. Can you??
On serve, after the serve both hands should be on the racket, making it easy to
adjust the grip for the intended next shot.

Yes, you can hit out on rally shots very aggressive, but by putting much of
the effort into spin and choosing targets with a extra good can
stay very consistent and hit shots that are often like a pwr kick serve, but way
more effective since you are not confined to the svc box.

consider the thread on practicing for Smart Targets for more on this.

as you earn some shorter mid court balls, then you can attack or approach
on those balls to start forcing some errors or hitting some winners.
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